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New paperless option offers convenient account services

New paperless option offers convenient account services

Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. has rolled out its paperless option, bringing customers instant access to their policy information anytime, anywhere.

Policyholders who choose paperless enrollment will receive email alerts when new documents are available. Benefits of choosing this service include around-the-clock online access to policy documents and statements, as well as the ability to pay bills quickly. Paperless services are available for most insurance policies offered by VFBMIC.

Sam Rooks, vice president of underwriting and policy services for VFBMIC, said policyholders can expect an improved customer experience when they make the switch.

“With the paperless option, you’re going to have your account information available at your fingertips, and that’s a huge win for our customers,” Rooks said. “Otherwise, you’re waiting on policy paperwork, invoices and notices to come through the U.S. mail. By switching over, that delay is eliminated, and you get that added layer of convenience being able to immediately access everything online.”

Sign-up information was sent in mid-April to policyholders with an email address associated with their insurance policies. VFBMIC will continue to send out paperless enrollment notifications throughout the year. If you don’t have an email listed on your insurance accounts, contact your Farm Bureau agent.

Alternatively, customers can enroll in paperless services by logging into their account on Eligible policies will be listed, and customers can choose which policies to enroll.